Friday, 13 June 2014

Skylight, Bill Nighy & Carey Mulligan at Wyndham's Theatre : LOCAL LOVES

I saw Skylight starring Bill Nighy and Carey Mulligan last night and it was WONDERFUL. I’ve been walking past the theatre for weeks, gazing at the posters and dreaming of getting a ticket so I was absolutely over the moon when a little email pinged up in my inbox inviting me along!

Skylight centres around Kyra and Tom – a young woman and older man – who brought an end to their six year affair after Tom’s wife discovered their illicit relationship. The play joins them three years after this, in which time Tom’s wife has died of cancer without giving him the forgiveness he so craved and Kyra has dispassionately removed herself from the situation.

In Kyra’s cold London council flat in late December, Tom and Kyra reminisce, flirt, argue, shout and throw. It’s thrilling to see them slipping back into their old and familiar relationship while past tensions quickly rise to the surface. 

Bill and Carey are utterly convincing in their roles – Carey has a maturity to her performance (I think it’s that amazing voice of hers) that makes the age gap completely plausible. And there’s a youthfulness to Bill’s portrayal of Tom's desire for forgiveness and poorly concealed feelings of ownership.

The show is directed by powerhouse director Stephen Daldry, who recently directed Helen Mirren in The Audience and also created the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony with Danny Boyle. Yeah, pretty big-time hey?!

Skylight is one of those shows that feels like a pure master class in acting. Bill and Carey act their socks off and I suggest you find a way of getting a ticket. 


It’s on until 23rd August 2014 at the Wyndham’s Theatre by Leicester Square/Covent Garden. There is the odd ticket left still and they can be booked here.  Or alternatively you can queue very early in the morning on the day you’d like to see the show and try and get Day Seats at 10am – these are a bargain at £15 and usually on the front row of the Stalls so well worth the early rise!

Or, if your can’t get yourself down to the box office, there is an NT Live broadcast of the show on 17th July. That’s right - an actual live performance will be played in lots of cinemas in London! All the info is here.  There’s been a fair bit of controversy surrounding NT Live broadcasts as some people believe it discourages people from physically going to the theatre as they can see a show on the cheap at their local cinema. Personally I disagree – I think it’s the perfect way for people to access what they usually couldn’t, then tempt them into the theatre to see the real deal. What do you think?

So yes, there you have it gang, another bloody good play is on in fair London town. Get yourself along and witness the wonder.

Have any of you seen it already? I’d love to know your thoughts!