Monday, 30 September 2013

RAH daaarling : LOCAL LOVES

R.A.H. The Royal Albert Hall. 

What an absolute BEAUTY.

The Albert Memorial - opposite the North side of the hall

Well, I finally went to what can arguably be called one of London’s, if not England’s, most beautiful buildings! I’ve lived in London for over 3 years now and I can’t believe it has taken me so long to see something there. Now here comes the potentially un-cool bit – I went to see one of my fave bands…McFly! If, like me, you were doing your GCSEs about ten years ago I would bet a good tenner that you have a little soft spot for these guys. Their songs are so catchy and they’re genuinely lovely boys. Over the years I’ve met a few of them through mutual friends, they’re real gents and completely deserve to still be so damn popular a whole 10 years down the line.

So when I heard they were celebrating their 10 Year  Anniversary at the beautiful Royal Albert Hall I just had to go. I have a lovely little friend who managed to get me on the guest list (perks of being a theatre luvvie!) so we had really fantastic seats and just the best night ever!

I went with my gorgeous friend Catriona (total mega babe and a real hoot, she calls us girls ‘ladies’ and adds a bit of old school glam to everything). She is the proud owner of a McFly tour t-shirt and a copy of the greatest hits album, yep, a mega fan! We got there early and popped to the lovely Berry Bros. & Rudd No.3 Bar for a glass of bubbly before taking our seats. It’s really beautiful in there, the walls are a dark forest green and all the furniture is clad in deliciously sumptuous leather. They do scrummy cocktails too which I think I shall be sampling the next time I go – yum!

After getting our champers fill we headed into the auditorium….and my gosh it really does have the wow factor! We were in for a great night.

And the best bit? BUSTED CAME ON!!!! I full on reverted to my fifteen year old self and couldn't stop screaming! They played Year 3000 and Air Hostess. I, of course, knew every single word so sang along when I could stop myself shrieking. Deary me.

They’re no Bastille or Arctic Monkeys but I really bloody love McFly and went home on such a high – so I’d really recommend that you….

-          GO TO THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL! Get on the website and find something you want to see. The shows change all the time and there’s lots of one-nighters so I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that floats your boats and the tickets don’t all break the bank I promise. They do brill crimbo carol sing-alongs in December apparently ;)

-         BE A TOURIST! I've lived in London for long enough for it to start feeling like home now and it’s really making me complacent. There’s so much on our doorstep - you have to go and explore!