Thursday, 3 October 2013

Cirque Éloise iD, Peacock Theatre : LOCAL LOVES

Y'know that bit in Strictly when the professionals do an incredible lift and the whole audiences oohs and ahhs? Well, imagine that for two hours, with body contortion,  hidden trampolines, jumping from impossible heights, corde lisse (like that BBC ad!), bmx, juggling...BUT HIP HOP! This is Cirque Éloise iD.

When my brill friend Georgia (she makes the best themed cakes in town and went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in costume. She's awesome.) mentioned the show to me I didn't think much of it but went along because the last thing I'd seen at the Peacock Theatre (ZooNation's Some Like It Hip Hop) was blooming brilliant so I was hoping for some more of the same. But my gosh did Cirque Éloise turn it up a notch!

It's proper edge-of-your-seat stuff and I did have to cover my eyes a few times - there's a huge element of danger in everything this troupe does. It's at shows like this where you can truly appreciate pure talent. Each member of the cast had something incredible to bring to the plate.

I won't spoil it too much but if you like a bit of hip hop dancing (come on, I know you've watched all the Step Up movies too) then I'd really recommend going - seriously. It is beyond impressive.

You can get tickets here - the Peacock Theatre is the younger, cooler sister of Sadler's Wells Theatre so that's why it directs you to that site. Tickets are £15, £24, £36, £42 and under 16s go half price! It's on until 18th October so quick, quick, quick.

So, the recommendation for this post is pretty obvious...

 - Go to see iD by Cirque Éloise! It's really one of the most exciting shows I've seen recently and gives Cirque du Solei a run for it's money in the cool stakes.