Saturday, 21 December 2013

Wintery Wondering at Somerset House : LOCAL LOVES

Festive fun at Somerset House is probably the most horrendously over-blogged thing at the moment but...Hey guys! I went to Somerset House and had loads of festive fun!

I went with lovely Annie (of Telegraph Julie Madly Deeply review fame) and lovely Sophie (of graceful log reclining fame). Annie recieved a little invite to go and see the amazing ACM Gospel Choir singing some crimbo tunes under the tree so we tottered off there after work and had a lovely little evening!

At this time of year Somerset House is most well know for it's ice rink but there's actually a lot more going on there - especially on 'Glad Tidings Tuesdays'. On this particular Tuesday there was free mini manicures and hand treatments from Crabtree & Evelyn. Such a treat.

We arrived just in time for the start of the carols and a large crowd quickly gathered - I mean who doesn't like a gospel choir?! We hummed along with great gusto and managed to avoid the audience participation. Phew!

We then skipped down the steps to watch the skaters glide gracefully on ice/fall over. It's so beautifully lit and not at all over crowded - you can see why it's so popular.

As you can imagine watching all this zooming about was really quite tiring so off to the bar we went for some scrummy mulled wine in Tom's Skate Lounge and then for a wonder through the Christmas Arcade.

In the arcade was the Crabtree & Evelyn pop-up....

Somerset House is full of pop-up shops all year round but of course they're lovely and festive at the moment. We followed our noses and found ourselves in the hot chocolate room first.....and it was DREAMY. Quite simple the best hot chocolate I've ever had!

Please note the most sparkly festive manicure you've ever seen!
We then went for a little snoop around the building, it's just gorgeous. The place is packed full of shops, restaurants, bars, much to discover.

So lovely followers you really must...

- Get yourself over to Somerset House - it's cracking all year round and totally free to go in. The ice rink will be there until 5th January and you can get tickets here. Nearest tubes are Temple or Charing Cross. The main website is here.

- Pop along for lunch at Tom's Kitchen, located in the South Wing.

- Tell me what your favourite London festive activity is!