Thursday, 2 January 2014

Let's do drinks in the New Year! : LOCAL LOVES

Happy New Year happy campers!! It's great to be back in the blogosphere - I've been in deepest, darkest Cheshire over Christmas with a poor internet connection but now I'm back in town and ready for some more Perks of Being a Londoner. Thanks so much for reading last year, I'm slowly getting to grips with this malarkey and have some great plans coming up that I can't wait to share with you. So without further ado, let's get this party started......

"Let's do drinks in the New Year!" How often did you find yourself saying that in December? I'm definitely guilty of that one, a hundred times over, sooo I thought I'd make those promises a little bit easier to keep by suggesting some really fun bars I've been to recently!

Now, I don't know about you, but I have a bit of a thing for 'activities'. If a bar can offer a little bit more than just cocktails sat on high bar stools then I'm well and truly sucked in - and that is why I have two awesomely fun places to suggest for your 2014 kick off drinks!

Ice Bar

Nearest tubes: Piccadilly Circus or Oxford Circus

This is pretty much what it say on the tin - a bar made of ice! But not only is the bar ice, the walls are, the seats are, the GLASSES ARE! Yep, pretty cool. They serve very scrummy cocktails.....

I went with a big gang from work so we hired the entire thing out privately. It has a capacity of 60 people so really fun for a party, but equally fun just to pop along with your pals. You do have to book in advance though - check it out here. Prices range from £13-£16 depending on the day and include a cocktail.

One thing to factor in, because it's so damn chilly you can only stay in the bar for 40 mins. They give you a fetching blue hooded cape and gloves (see pic of me looking fetching below) so you're toasty as anything when you're in there. There is a 'normal' bar there too so you can stay on and continue the New Year catch up in the warmth, with dinner or just drinks. Or, if you fancy a change of scenery, as the bar is on Heddon Street, just off Regent Street, there's shed-loads of other bars to carry on to. Perfecto.


Nearest tubes: Earls Court or Gloucester Road

Nearest tubes: Earls Court or Gloucester Road

This bar is ridiculous fun - drinks and PING PONG!! With five tables in total and a cracking DJ this place just oozes silliness. I went with the girls and we had a hilarious evening, despite our table tennis skills being mightily impaired by the lovely drinks on offer at the two bars in there - scroll past the food, we've got no time for that, we're busy Londoners!

You can book a time slot in advance or just jump on a free table, or do as we did, befriend some handsome chaps who are already playing and insist they need your mad skillz on their team! I met a lovely bloke called David and kindly told me "you're a fantastic ping pong player and don't let anyone tell you differently." Nothing like pity compliment haha!

Entry before 11pm is free so scoot along at 10.55pm and grab a bat! Also, they have Tournament Tuesdays - kick off is 8pm, it's free to join and there's a prize every week. You gotta love a prize.

So there you have it guys - two Activity Bars (for want of a better name...) that you really should try out. Let me know in the comments bar below if you know any others that I can try out and if you go to Ice Bar or Ping send me a pic on twitter @abbiemorrow, I'd love to see you enjoying these super dooper hot spots!

That's all for now folks, a Morrow's Monthly Musings theatre blog will be on it's way soon.